Jiminy KICK-Its

I am not good at playing organized sports. I am not good at coaching organized sports. I'm really good at watching them, but my lack of coordination seems to reveal itself most often when playing any sort of sport. That's why I normally stick to board games; this time, however, being nominated as the Team Captain didn't allow my sideline-watching to take place.

A couple weeks ago our department at work had a Kickball Tournament -- so I, of course, considered the most important things first: a team name, our uniforms, and some really encouraging (trash talking) emails to my team.

Maybe that wasn't the best method to go about winning at Kickball. Our team lost to the Black Doves 4 - 2. It was a sad moment, but then I came to the conclusion that I don't really care. I'm a pretty competitive person, and I can talk a lot of smack, but in reality -- who am I kidding?! I can't play sports!!

On that note, here are some pictures:
Me and the roomie, we were on opposite teams so we couldn't be friends for a few days.

Part of the Jiminy KICK-its (we always let our conscience be our guide)

Team Captain of The Black Doves

Competitive and intense! (Jackie also blogged about it here)

Both teams -- such a fun afternoon! Gotta love department/family competitions and BBQ's!

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what was the other name you came up with?