I love my family

I have a special bond with my family. We are super tight, and I love the relationship that I have with each of them. I feel so blessed to have an amazing support system wherever I go and in whatever I choose to do. That's why I have this love/hate relationship with my job. I love what I do, I can't imagine God using me in a different way at this point in my life. The only thing that is rough is the constant goodbye's every time I come home/leave again. I'm barely home and then already I'm saying goodbye -- I can't express the extreme heartache I feel when I leave. I am missing out on so much in their lives, and vice versa. But, I would not be here if it weren't for God's calling on my life to serve him in this way.

Many years ago I made a promise to God, the promise that I would follow him wherever He wanted me to go. At the time I assumed it would be somewhere in Africa. I always had a heart for missions and for cross-cultural ministry. I was passionate about Isaiah 6:8 and the promise I made which I would be Christ's hands and feet in another culture. But then I started to study Acts 1:8, and slowly learned and grasped the concept that God calls us (not only) to be his witnesses around the world, but local witnesses as well.

I assumed God would send me to Africa. I didn't realize His plan was vastly different than my God-planned-assumption. I know I'm not preaching the Gospel everyday, but I hope that my actions outwardly reflect my relationship with Christ. I hope I imitate Christ's love as I travel around the country, and witness to others by way of actions and presence. The great thing is that I spend most of my time inside churches, so I meet a lot of long-time believers -- which is so encouraging to me. I see my job as a ministry, a way of life, and know God will use those who allow themselves to be used.

This love/hate relationship I have with my job...there are way more pro's than con's -- but I wish my family could tag along with me! Maybe I could just pack them up in the exhibit and they can travel with me...and if that's the case then I'm bringing my animals with me too!


Two First Names said...

I am fairly certain your mini horse could go in your carry on, probably because it is INVISIBLE.

Anonymous said...

ok,when I first read the last section I thought it said you wish you could exhibit your family...yes, I wish I could tag along. yes, make sure you take Mini Horse. love you!

Dennis Beckner said...

Sometimes I wish I could travel as much as you do, but definitely think I'd have a hard time for the same reasons. PS: Next time you're home, let's catch up.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I feel God callin/pulling me to foreign missions nad all I can think is, OK, I can go but everyone else has to stay here and not change one bit. Totally selfish. I know it but I can't help it. I wanna do God's will. I wanna stay with my fam.

Cousin Carrie :-)