Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I don't really see the reason for needing to spend $29 for a program that doesn't do much for my mac. Yes, it makes my program smaller, it makes my mac run faster, etc. And let's be honest -- the mac is already superior to all other computers, and it runs like a dream. However, when I saw this I was instantly convinced:
This makes my time zone issues one step closer to resolution!

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Anonymous said...

I hate to bust your apple cult ideas, and yes everyone who has bought into buying anything that is an apple product had willingly or unwillingly joined the cult of apple. I will agree the Mac os is good and had no problems, but that is because it is not as widely used as windows, therefore less people out there making programs to destroy it and put adware crap on it.

But this argument of windows computers and apple computers and which is better can be settled with 3 simple words, there all "Made in China"....

Jean Do'a