Fall at the Falls

Today I didn't despise the outdoors as much as I have in the past. Normally I hate being outside when it's cold...but today I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I had on mittens, a scarf, 2 pairs of socks, 3 shirts and a jacket...maybe not. Maybe because it was a beautiful, crisp fall day...yup, that's it.

We are currently in Minneapolis, MN at Minnehaha Academy. Love this place - so beautiful and serene. The school is amazing, and the people are great. The school is located right along the banks of the Mississippi River, and about a mile from the school there are some waterfalls...so I took a little trip down there today...

And....saw this guy. Not sure what he was doing there. No signs. No plaques talking about how this was once some tribal land and this mask represents blah blah blah.... Random.

If it wasn't so dang cold I would go back. If I happen to purchase a crazy big jacket in the next 2 days then there's a possibility. But not if THIS is really going to happen.

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Anonymous said...

The head is very Lord of the Flies....