Introducing: Kombo from Kenya

Oh man do I love this kid. I first layed eyes on Kombo in November 2007. I stepped into his life by listening to a narrator tell his story. In his story I saw pictures and heard about his struggles everyday: living on the 'AIDS highway' in Kenya and living with his grandma after he lost his parents due to AIDS. Ever since then I thank God that Kombo's story is being told and thousands of people a week are hearing it and feel the same connection to him that I do.The sad part is, Kombo's story is common for children living in sub-Saharan Africa. It's uncommon here in the US, but completely normal for a child to be vulnerable everyday and exposed to such un-commonalities as prostitutes, an area saturated with stigma and injustice, and the daily threat of HIV and AIDS.

It's because of Kombo that I do what I do. When I first heard his story I was overwhelmed with the problems in developing countries, because I knew that he wasn't the only child living in these conditions. It's because of Kombo that I kept the Experience in my heart and in my prayers, and it's why I started to work on behalf of children who are like Kombo.

To see a glimpse into Kombo's life click HERE.

To step into his life, and 3 other children in sub-Saharan Africa, come see the Experience. We'll be hitting up Riverside, CA Oct 18-25th! Click HERE for more info. Hope to see you there!!!

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