Animal of the Week

This week's animal of the week is...(drumroll please)....the SEAHORSE!

Yes, they are real! I've always equated Sea Horses to Sea Monkeys...probably because I thought they were all fantasy marine animals.

This little guys are just adorable...and I really wonder why God chose to make this tiny little creature to look like a horse. It's funny to me how they swim upright...not like other fish. So cute.

Here are some fun seahorse fun facts:
- Seahorses use their tails to grab home of grass, coral, or seagrass to keep from floating away
- They can be anywhere from 2 in. to 8 inches-ish
- The female seahorses have eggs, but the male's give birth...they have a pouch like kangaroos. The baby seahorses stay in their until it's time to be born. Yup!
- While mating, they utter musical sounds, and it usually happens under a full moon.

These little guys are fascinating.


Julie Hibbard said...

Uttering musical sounds while mating under a full moon.
Damn, I think I was supposed to be a seahorse...

PETE Di LALLO said...

What were you smoking when you wrote this post?
Whatever it is, keep it up...it's hilarious...