Seal of Approval

I've been looking for a unique opportunity to volunteer the past few months, but since I still travel for work I've been hesitant to make an every week volunteer commitment. I'm starting to get involved with OCC's HIV and AIDS initiative, but tonight I also took another step: I'm an official Seal Sitter.

What's a Seal Sitter, you ask?

Well, around here in Seattle lots of seal pups like to come onto our shores from the Puget Sound...and often times people like to harass them and harm them :( A Seal Sitter is someone who gets notified of beach bummin' pups, then goes and blocks off the area and literally "sits" to make sure the crowds don't get all crazy like. According to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, it's actually against the law to touch, move, or harass a marine animal. So, I'm basically upholding the law. I hope I get a badge.

We have a beach simulation coming up, then I'll start "on the watch" for protecting baby seals. What a FUN job!

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Anonymous said...

I want that job too!