I don't like Halloween.

I don't like being scared.
I don't like people celebrating evil.
I don't like seeing people dressed up like ex-Presidents.
I don't like creepy jack-o-lanterns.
I don't like creepy things like spiders, cob webs, blood seeping from mouths of "dead people," skulls and red flickering hearts exposed through mannequins.

Last year on Halloween I was flying to Florida for work, and the flight attendants kept making spooky noises over the intercom -- it was quite hilarious. But, if it was during a red eye flight I probably would've tripped them as they came down the aisle.

This year, I will be in Florida again (random) for work. Most likely my co-workers will also be making spooky noises all day long.

What DO I like about Halloween?
Harvest Parties.
Dressing up in ridiculous (not scary) costumes with friends.
And of course, the wereworf bar mizvah.


PETE Di LALLO said...

We always enjoy walking around with our youngest grandkids...seeing them in their usually store-bought outfits is a blast...most of the outfits come from Goodwill and second hand stores...

KAT said...

LOL! Did you dress up as popcorn again?
I wanted to go as a deviled egg.