Worst Top 10

Worst Places to Meet Your Future Husband:
1. Rehab
2. A funeral
3. The waiting room in ICU
4. A bar
5. A Celine Dion concert
6. Divorce court
7. Nail salon
8. Myspace
9. The freeway
10. The Orange County Fair

Worst Places to be Proposed to:
1. Rehab
2. Someone else's wedding
3. Wal Mart
4. While watching TV
5. WWF Wrestling Match
6. While riding any sort of public transportation (excluding trains)
7. Online
8. North Korea
9. Over the phone
10. The Orange County Fair


Robert Kunda said...

SMS and email would be lame proposals, too.

This is more specialized, but I remember asking the girl at the engagement ring store (Go Robbins Brothers) if she's ever asked out on dates by ring shoppers. She said while it's not frequent, it's not entirely uncommon, either. He must be a keeper!

Anonymous said...

No no! The worst place to meet your future husband is a pimp and ho party! For real!! Should of seen that one coming!

Erika Thomas said...

hey... um... but if that's what it takes.... Okaaay? So kidding. Not that I need to clarify that, but I am. And I did. Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

I liked this post. It made me laugh.

deanna said...

11. On his facebook status

Example: Fred is wondering if Sarah will say yes to his marriage proposal.

Gracie said...

In prison.