Life on the Road Week in Review: March 16, 2009

last week: was good! On Thursday I left Orange County and drove with my other tour staff to Phoeniz, AZ. We set up the exhibit at Arizona State University on Saturday and opened on Sunday.
most interesting thing that happened last week: I've been meaning to check out a website, I finally took the time to go to Charity Navigator and am absolutely enthralled with it! I have spent many hours reading over the site about different NGO's that are currently successful, shady, dying, and even those that are overpaying their CEO's! You can even see how much NGO's are paying their CEO's, and overhead costs vs. program costs. Fascinating site!
where I am at the moment: In my hotel room in Phoenix.
procrastinating about: my expense report. Boo.
book I'm in the midst of: I just finished a great audiobook while driving to AZ: 'Can you keep a secret?' by Sophie Kinsella. I'm reading 'The Hole in Our Gospel.' It just came out, written by our CEO Richard Stearns...it's absolutely amazing. I love it, a must read for everyone!
next stop: Next week we are driving to Billings, MT! Woohoo! We'll take a short detour and hang out at the Grand Canyon for a couple days...then heading to Faith Evengelical Church.
how I'm feeling about this week: I love being on a secular campus. The crowd here is completely different than what I've experienced in my job so far. I love talking to students and finding what peaks their interest; I love their energy and curiosity, I love seeing someone go from apathetic about HIV and AIDS to compassionate and motivated to make a difference in the world. It's the best part about my incredible job...
what I'm excited for: The Padres vs. Mariner's Spring Training game on Thursday! Go Padres!
blond moment of the week: A conversation!
Dan: "My friend used to live in a basement next to Arlington National Cemetery."
Me: "Wow, wasn't it scary living there?"
Dan: "I don't know. But every morning she heard taps."
Me: "WHAT?!? Taps?!? Like, on the walls of the basement??"
Dan: "..................no Ange..............'Taps' the military song............." ...[awkward silence]...

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Joe Pena said...

HA. "Taps."

amy said...

hotter than haiti.